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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apple : iPhone 5 Next

I’ve already heard one new rumor saying goodbye to the home button (like iPhone 4 before) and I could see that happening. What I do not see coming to the half-decade mark from Cupertino’s finest is anything mind blowing.

I think, not this year.

Now that the number one complaint about the iPhone has been dealt with poor service via AT&T. I think the second issue is on the list for attack battery life. We’ve seen what Apple did with the iPad and its amazing power life, but sadly, the iPhone doesn’t have that kind of real estate as the “over-sized iPod Touch”.

Lots of talk has been bubbling about battery technology with Apple’s name attached, and I’m fairly certain that Steve Jobs has this issue high on his priority list of getting fixed. We’ve seen amazing leaps in battery life across the entire spectrum of mobile gadgetry, from the impressive Li-Ion battery cells onboard Apple’s laptops to other devices such as Amazon’s Kindle.

It’s now time for the iPhone to follow suit.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Other : G111 35mm Film Scanner with LCD and SD Card Slot

Film scanner for 35mm negatives, slides and roll film. Turn your old 35mm film into modern digital photos. With this new stand alone film scanner, now you do not even need a computer to convert your old 35mm pictures into digital files!

Are you an old time photo hobbyist? Or perhaps your parents or grandparents have a rich collection of old film that you would like to bring into the digital age. Well, instead of taking those old 35mm slides and negatives and paying RM9.00 each to have them scanned by the local shop, now you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost! With the G111 35mm Film Scanner with LCD and SD Card Slot you can digitize all those precious memories at the comfort of your desk.

Why would you want to digitize old film and slides? Lets face it, what is the point of taking beautiful photos if you cannot share them with people. Whether you need to give some archived photos to a business client or to your family members, it is very inconvenient to develop your old film rolls yourself or take them to the local photo shop every time you need some new prints. Now in less than 4 seconds per picture, you can turn any old 35mm photo into a 4.2MP rich color image. This is the quickest, cheapest and most convenient way to share old pictures!

There is an additional benefit of using the G111 to digitize those old photos - safety. If you lost those old 35mm photos due to fire, theft, or simple age decomposition, they are lost forever, which would be devastating. However, once you digitize them into JPG files they can be copied, moved, duplicated freely with a simple click of a mouse. This is really a small investment in both convenience and safety for all those irreplaceable photos.

If high quality and speedy film scanning wasn't enough, this model film scanner also has an LCD viewscreen plus TV OUT which allows you to view the film you are working on as well as photos saved on the inserted SD card. With a one button touch you can do a slideshow review of all your newly saved photos for more efficient work or entertainment.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Apple : iPad 2 Using Qualcomm chipset and SD Card Slot?

With increasing proximity Apple to introduce their second generation iPad, a little information and rumors began to be heard thereon. It is said that the iPad 2 will soon adopt Qualcomm chipsets like the iPhone 4, which also carries other than an SD card slot.

The iPad adopt chipsets Qualcomm CDMA / GSM, allowing them to used on both networks, Verizon and AT&T, the two mobile networks popular in the United States.

In addition, the iPad will bring the two also dealt with 10-inch wide-screen just as before, in addition to bringing high-resolution support, more or less like Retina Display on iPhone, however, with different pixel density. The iPad will bring the two also dealt with two cameras, a front and back.

Currently, everything is still no confirmation from the official Apple. iPad 2 will be released and go on sale starting this April.

*Video form Jon4lakers